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Deye 8Kv Felicity 8.7 Solar Assist Pie

Danie Putter

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Good day. I have been fighting with my setup and managed to sort it out.

Here with the information for you 


Connect your Felicity LPBA48170 to a second  Felicity LPBA48170 

Make sure to use the thicker black patch wire between the 2 batteries. it comes with the battery inside the box... 

Select on your battery that will connect to the inverter dip switch 1 on, 2 off, 3 off, 4 off, 5 off, .... on your other battery dip switch 2 on and 5 on. 


Connect your Deye to the Felicity Battery.... Use mode 12 setup on the Litium battery setting but don't use the cable marked Felicity -------  1. 2. 

Make up your own cable between the bms and the Deye 

Pin out is as follow 

Felicity side                           Deye Side

4 Comm- gnd --------------  6 Gnd

5 RS485-B------------------ 8 RS485-B

6 RS485-A------------------ 7 RS485-A


Mark the cable Felicity and Deye as it can not be turned around.

The black cable in the picture is the pie cable.... I have cut the black off as it doesn't work.



This is the Deye side


On the Bms side the pic follows 






Connecting a Orange Pie to the Deye with out the Felicity BMS using the RS485 cable to the RS485 port the pie will work but if you connect the Pie and the battery BMS and you put the battery on Lithium the pie will give you a CRC error and will not work. I tried connecting the pie and the bms into the 1 and only 485 connecter even though the pie is on pin 123 and the bms is on pin 678 it does not work. ( I Have not tried the spliter but have cut the connector and crimped the 2 wires into 1 RJ45 plug,  I can not see what the 2 in 1 spliter will be different as it seems like the 485 pin 1 and pin2 Meter_con switches off when the Lithium battery is selected)


Connect the Pie to the serial port of the Deye ...yes you will remove the dongle or the logger, No need to use the solorman logger as this logger does not allow you to edit the settings remotely..... Sad that Deye have removed that facility I am still trying to get hold of Deye about it.

The connection on the Pie and the Deye is available from solar-assistant as you will be using their RS232 cable with the 9 pin cable.... I managed to make my own sing the voltronic or Mecer RS232 cable that i had.



For more info or help on this feel free to contact me at 0760502640

I would also like if I can get the contact details for Deye please 

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