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Anybody perhaps own or know more about a SolaxBox Inverter/BMU/ All-In-One sort of thing?


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Hoping an owner or someone out there that's installed these can perhaps shed some light on a few questions I have about the unit. 


This is the solution





Doesn't appear to be much info online on forums, Youtube etc.


I specifically have a question about the transfer time. Apparently when the grid is lost it takes 7 seconds to transfer to EPS. This doesn't seem entirely normal to me, or at least this doesn't seem like it should be that long for any solution. Is there a way to decrease this transfer time to align more with what essentially every other Hybrid does?

Also, anybody perhaps used Home Assistant with this solution? The monitoring solution for this particular unit/model appears non-existent or deprecated from what I can gather 

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I unfortunately can’t speak to this specific solution. I would like to mention though that I have dealt with this company. I have installed two of the Fox 10.5 systems and used their JA solar panels. They are very proactive with installation and setup information on their website. 

I am not sure if they would respond to queries directed here but am sure you should be able to contact them through their website. I do know they have various AIO setups. They were a bit small for my requirements.

When I started sourcing my biggest concern was finding a reliable supplier. My impression was that they have been in the market for many years and are here to stay.

I hope you find your solution.


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