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requesting advice on proper inventor model


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I would like to ask for your advice about a proper model of inverter. The production is connected to a gasoline generator with an output of 10a / 230ac now. I need the inverter that can be provided with the 16a / 230 performance in the short-term with the help of the battery and it can use the power of the generator 10a / 230ac. After some time  the consumption will be reduced to of 2a / 230ac. The generator will be able to charge the batteries. The inverter could have an input to connect solar pannels.  

I need this device but with a wifi connection. Can you help me?

Thank you for your answer


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47 minutes ago, tomi said:

this device has similar parameters. 

It SAYS Hybrid on the ad, but it looks like a stock standard Voltronic 5048. I think the problem is that some people use the term Hybrid for devices that include an inverter and an MPPT in a single unit.

Your requirement is for a hybrid unit that can provide the difference, so the generator will provide 10 ampere and you'll take 6 ampere at 230V (or 28 amps at 48V) from the batteries to supply the difference. When the load comes down, say to 5 ampere, you want the 5 amps surplus (23A at 48V) to be put back into the battery?

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The Multiplus' natural competitor is the Infinisolar, which usually costs about double the price of the model you linked here. I don't know if the Infini can do this trick. PowerAssist is actually made for yachts/boats where you may end up in some backwater harbour with only a very weak shore connection: You literally set the input limit to 10 amps (as in your example) and it does the rest.

I'd think the extra cost might be absorbed somewhat by other factors. You only have to buy a 1600VA or 2000VA unit to provide 16 amps, compared to the 5KVA you linked. You also only have to supply 28 amps from the battery (6 amps*230V/48) at peak, compared to the full 76-80 amps with a non-hybrid inverter, which should mean a less expensive battery pack.

For lead acid banks that can do 80 Amps sustained, you're talking 400Ah to 800Ah, and for lithium that would be at least 4 pylontech racks. You can get away with half the battery capacity if you have a decent hybrid inverter.

One last question: Why not just buy a better generator? That should be much cheaper. Again, the real use case for small generators combined with a Multiplus is for boats, where space is a concern and the generator of choice is usually those small suitcase-style Hondas, but if you have the space, a 5KVA unit is cheap compared even to the cheap inverter.

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