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What does'nt qualify for SSEG

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I've been toying around with a design for a solar lighting system , all 12V LED completely off grid with 1 small panel, MPPT charger and a small battery. (Marine style)

Is there a minimum cutoff limit (in watts) for solar generation in the SSEG rules?


If not, should I register my solar calculator too?





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36 minutes ago, Abe53 said:

Hi Pierre D, Why worry? They call the DC powered home "Edison's revenge."

Eventually lights (LED's are native 3VDC) and most electronics just reduce 220VAC to 12VDC anyway.

Yeah I was just reading the municipal guidelines for City of Cape Town. They seem hell bent on knowing exactly what you are doing.

In the near future, I plan to keep some large panels packed away on standby for my existing backup inverter when the grid collapses.

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Will be interesting to see what others have to say but  I would not worry as you are only 12 volt DC . 

I built in my house an 12v lighting system 10 years + ago  . I pulled the 220v wirs   out the DB board and connected the 12 v cables to the line replaced all the 220v globe with 12v globes  so saving having to wire cables for the 12v system and charged the battery from an 100w panel   and so in load shedding we always had lights worked grate . 

The solar installers did not like my idea of 12v lighting idea  but we always had lights on in load shedding and it only cost me one battery , 1 100wat panel and an charger controller .

You won't find a cheaper way to keep the lights on 

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