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  1. Hi Dani, where are those inverters?
  2. Hi Beserker, Yes, I need more 18650 cells, will buy laptop batteries untested. Abe53 ohaihtooninertoosixohfiveraightfiver
  3. Hi Jason, Has the solar panels been collected? If not, I will collect if in Gauteng. Both 180W panels on my Golf cart each lost a string and OCV now too low to charge. cannot warrant replacing with new.
  4. Hi geyser guys, sorry, but all of this thread just do not compute. Storing energy in hot water is a losing investment. It will pay off in only certain, rare occurrences, like on a cold cloudy morning after a sunny day. Heat is leaking away all the time and can easily be replaced when the sun shines again. I just stringed 5 x 40V, 360W panels to supply 200VDC to a standard 230VAC 2kW element in my existing geyser. Wired a 6uF capacitor over thermostat to keep it from arcing and welding shut. By about 11:00 AM thermostat opens, voltage rises, when more than battery voltage, 210V batter
  5. Hi Stanley, and thank you very much for your considered replies. ACDC did not have a suitable diode in stock, but got me a 16F120 the next day. (16A 1200V DIODE - CATHODE to STUD) I simply screwed it in the PV breaker output on the way to the batteries. It causes at most a 1 V drop. I installed a 6mF capacitor over the geyser thermostat to keep it from arcing. All working well, when thermostat opens, volts go up and batteries charge.
  6. I searched the forum but could not find a discussion of diodes in DC circuits. If this is not the place to ask for help, please point me to where I could find info on this? In short, I have a PV array supplying 200VDC which heats a geyser. When the thermostat switches off the current should charge up a power wall battery supplying an inverter. A diode is thus needed to keep the batteries from heating the geyser after dark. Any help with specification and sourcing such will be much appreciated.
  7. Hi Erastus, When next will you have PV panels available? I live on a farm near Harties and am looking to buy 16 x 400W PV panels. ohaighttwoninertwosixohfiveaightfive.
  8. Hi Martin, did the buyer pan out? If not, what did he offer? (I am scrounging components to take 6 houses off-grid cheaply, none critical, can thus take risks)
  9. Hi Seant, yes, may I buy your UPS? It is exactly what I need to replace my Titan 3000VA UPS that cannot be repaired. Contact detail by PM.
  10. Hi CCC, before the mods get wind of this, we can quickly auction off these inverters, I would like to start the bidding at R21000 for the 3?
  11. Ah, see my reply has finally registered, was about to redo...
  12. May I join the bidding when Tersius has his ticket in hand? By the way, fare well young feller, many oldies like me are stuck in this hell-hole with not enough wherewithal to buy our way out.... Abe53.
  13. Hi Jonahex, no specs, no price? Looks like 3kw per phase, selling new R60k? Will need such in a year or two for a workshop once within reach of off-grid for our five houses on a farm. If it is going for a very good price I can juggle the plan and buy now. Abe53.
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