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Thank you for the great forum, Safe Driving over the weekend. Sincerely Jason


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  1. Hi Erastus, When next will you have PV panels available? I live on a farm near Harties and am looking to buy 16 x 400W PV panels. ohaighttwoninertwosixohfiveaightfive.
  2. Hi Martin, did the buyer pan out? If not, what did he offer? (I am scrounging components to take 6 houses off-grid cheaply, none critical, can thus take risks)
  3. Hi Seant, yes, may I buy your UPS? It is exactly what I need to replace my Titan 3000VA UPS that cannot be repaired. Contact detail by PM.
  4. Hi CCC, before the mods get wind of this, we can quickly auction off these inverters, I would like to start the bidding at R21000 for the 3?
  5. Ah, see my reply has finally registered, was about to redo...
  6. Abe53

    Inverter repairs

    Hi Asher, when you are bored of an afternoon, I have a challenge to entertain you: Titan 3kVA 96VDC UPS comes on three green lights for maybe a few minutes then enters shutdown procedure and stops. I must warn you that two "specialists" could not find the fault. It is of small economical consequence, just out of curiosity I would like a diagnosis before junking it and having to find a new application for its fairly new 8 x 40Ah 12V battery pack. This unassuming inverter has given exceptional reliable service in a lightning prone environment for some 15 years and I want to give it a good chance of recovery before retirement. I am retired and can bring inverter and coolbox to Fourways at a time convenient to you, or just leave it for when you find time to look into it. Abe53.
  7. May I join the bidding when Tersius has his ticket in hand? By the way, fare well young feller, many oldies like me are stuck in this hell-hole with not enough wherewithal to buy our way out.... Abe53.
  8. Hi Jonahex, no specs, no price? Looks like 3kw per phase, selling new R60k? Will need such in a year or two for a workshop once within reach of off-grid for our five houses on a farm. If it is going for a very good price I can juggle the plan and buy now. Abe53.
  9. Abe53


    Batteries only good for recycling by now... Will take the inverter if priced reasonably. See PM for telephone number.
  10. Abe53

    Inverter Wanted

    Hi again Terrible, Yes, I have applications for just such inverters. Decent price? Is there a PM facility here to exchange telephone numbers?
  11. Hi Terrible Triplett, Thank you for your encouragement and advice. Powerforum has been good to this newbie, I picked up Langman's system! Now, due to the confining trees around our residence and wishing to keep the PV panels out of reach of avaricious re-allocators (previously named thieves, but this is no longer PC) I want to put the panels up on tall poles and swing them with the sun to eventually recover the added construction expense through higher efficiency. I thus next need two sun-tracking frames for 6 panels each, or one with 12 panels. Single-axis will suffice. (The Canadiansolar 255W panels measure 2000 x 990 x 40mm and weighs 22 kg apiece.) Also need another 6 panels. Then I need a charge controller for an Eaton 5KVA UPS (+EBM) I picked up cheap from the Broadband forum. (It was used in a no-longer viable Bitcoin mine) Cartage from East London cost almost as much as the purchase price, but I am not complaining. The problem is it runs on 180VDC nominal. (Floats at 208VDC) Steep learning curve, but learning fast! Abe53. P.S: Phil, our water is thankfully sorted, pumped from our boreholes at www.hoogland.co.za and backed up by a 125KVA generator I had installed before I retired.
  12. Hi all, Last week Eksdom took five days before they found time to push back 2 tripped fuses on the transformer at our houses not far from town, after a lightning strike. Such a trip is common in summer and usually were fixed the same day. Fault reports were several times canceled as supposedly fixed! This lackadaisal attitude towards paying customers has now made us decide to move towards going off-grid on this account. Gas stoves in use, solar geyser kits on site, some inverters and batteries in use. Scrounging what we can on a limited budget. Need more inverters (in the 5kVA range), lithium batteries, solar panel arrays (sun tracking) Learning fast! Best regards, Abe53. (Yes, that is my year of birth.)
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