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1 hour ago, Chilobee said:

Looking for the instruction manual for a Sunmagic Inverter VY-5548P-SM
48VA PWM and monitoring software similar like watch power

You can use the axpert 5kw manuals, just search for it.

You will need a dongle, wifi plug pro, get the right cable, and hook up to it from the inverter.

Smartess, app on google play monitors and gives you sufficient info.

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Okay this is going to be a long request. Type out each menu number with the options to choose. The menu might be different but actually only on number order, the main options are the same with some very slight differences.

My buddy also has one and his menu options are ordered differently, but the settings are the same options.

Did you try this one? Mine is exactly like this one below.


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18 hours ago, TestTube said:

I see rolls of Solar Cable 25m, 50m, 100m long and am just looking to avoid spending unnecessary money on buying too much cable. So, I'd like to know how much people actually use and what is left over - does it just become a waste? 
How does one estimate how much one will actually use? I guess it's not too difficult to estimate how much runs from the entry into the roof space  to the inverter - but what about between the panels?

Thanks in advance for any contribution.


2 hours ago, Chilobee said:


tx for the reply....my one is completely different , i only have the user manual .


Okay, do you need additional assistance or are you okay now?

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