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CFE 5100s with Deye 8kw

Danie Schoeman

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I have a problem and I don't know where to start looking as I can not get the batteries on Smart Bess.

The inverter is an 8kw Deye with 3 x CFE 5100s and 12 x 550watt panels. Everything was running good for 3 months now all of a sudden the batteries goes into fault and solar production cuts to 0.00 watt. The whole day they run perfectly then around 17:00 solar production fell from about 600 watt to 0.00 and batteries went into fault. 

What I did notice DC temp was sitting at around 47 - 48 then as the solar production got less the temp started to climb it was sitting at 53.70 and within 10min up to 54.40.

I don't know if that can be why the batteries go into fault.



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Temp may be the issue, need to establish why its going up. Which mode is your setup on. SUB/SBU?If SUB, check max charging current set on invertor-could be too high. If SBU check load at time of switchover from PV to Bat. maybe to high. if nothing is amiss, for starters, I suggest a reboot of the system. (the correct way)

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