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Advice needed


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Hi all


I need advice on two topics...

1. I have a pylontech US3000C that through damage to the inverter seems to have discharged to around 38VDC... It seems that the BMS has disconnected and the inverter (after having been repaired) is not charging it. Is there any way to rescue the battery?


2. Is it possible to connect a BSL 7kwh battery directly to a Victron Multiplus 48/3000 (1st gen) or does the installation require a GX device. The installation will only serve as a UPS system.





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Other forum members will also pitch in on this.

1. From what I have read you may have to connect a fully charged battery (another 48v) to the flat one in parralel so that the flat one starts drawing power from the charged one and this way the BMS may be able to wake up.

2. Can't see why not - just set the inverter voltage settings for bulk, float and disconnect correct for the particular battery.  Will probably work better though with a GX device. Victron nerds can comment here.

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