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Newbie seeking advice

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I am looking at building a system in stages, since i do not have the finances for a once off complete system.

My plan so far is to build a 3kva hybrid inventer on a trolley system with 2x 100ah gel batteries. 

Will get the system installed properly with COC when I have the finances for the panels

Next year add 4 panels, year after change the battery out to a lithion batery and if needed add a second 3kva system to take it up to 6kva which will be more than needed for my place. My stove and geyser I am switching over to gas now and dropping the electric kettle aswell.

I am looking at the following inverters, can someone please advise which will be the better to achieve this with?

Growatt, Must, Fivestar or Lalelo?

Or advice if tbere is better in this price range?

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Stand corrected. You are correct SYC. The wording in the adds was misleading. The parallel connection only start from the 4 & 5kva inverters.

Thank you very much for setting me in the right direction and saving me a lot of potential wasted money


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