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Deye inverter going offline at random times.


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Good day all

For the last two weeks or so, my Deye inverter seems to go off-line for a few hours, and I can't see any statistics on Solarman for that offline period. I don't think it's my WiFi or internet as all other devices connecting to my router are fine. There is no interruption in performance of the inverter, just the connection to the Deye  data-center. I have asked on my WhatsApps group if any one else experiences this, but it seems just me. I have re-booted my router. Prior to this, the connection was up 24-hours and I could look at all stats.

Anyone have any idea or clues to this? These random issues are the worst 🙂

Thank you!!!

An export of data shows the missing gap this morning:

Updated Time
2023/05/21 02:45
2023/05/21 02:50
2023/05/21 02:55
2023/05/21 03:00
2023/05/21 03:05
2023/05/21 08:20

2023/05/21 08:25
2023/05/21 08:30
2023/05/21 08:35
2023/05/21 08:40


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Hi, Rello

I have the exact same problem. My Deye inverter and stick logger was working perfectly for 24 hours a day since August last year on Solarman Smart. However, on the 27th of March 2023, that all changed, and Solarman started showing portions data logged or none at all. Nothing changed on my side. On the Solarman app, my logger is online but my inverter offline.

Have you managed to get a fix?



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Hi there

I did see another post some time back that spoke about changing the channel on my router. It was on Channel 6 and I moved it to Channel 11. I used a WiFi analyzer app on my phone that shows me all the channels and which are "crowded", possibly by neighbours routers. It's also useful to determine the WiFi strength by my logger - (it was quite strong enough)  I also moved my router a bit - Raised it about 20cm - (put it on a box!) - Since then its been fine! 🙂 

BTW- I have also recently bought a Solar Assistant - Device and software - Real-time solar monitoring from a Raspberry Pi | SolarAssistant Software (solar-assistant.io) - It's a SA product and pretty cool!!!

Now - If you do try change the channel, check all your other devices, phones etc, still can connect. Some channels I tried my phone did not like! 

Good Luck.

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Many thanks, Rello

I'll give it a shot and see what happens. I'm very interested in the Solar Assist tech, but my use case is probably not strong enough to warrant the purchase of such when Solarman is enough. That is, if I can get it to work.

Thanks again.



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