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ICC 1.1.3 gives two errors: Access violation & ' ' is an invalid integer

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I have not been accessing my RPi ICC for quite a period of time, so I do not know when it started to happen.

Today I logged onto my desktop using VNC and notice this error messages:


Reboot, restart.. nothing seems to make it disappear.


I do not have solar connected to my system although used to have.

SMA's provide solar power and Axpert charges batteries from input power - Axpert think it is grid, but could be grid OR solar from SMA


Licence valid to 29-03-2050.


Any ideas / suggestions from the clever guys?

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I was the fool in this chapter.


I introduced a MQTT server on my network for IoT and one day when I was on ICC saw this tick and suddenly that light in my head lit up as I knew what I could do with the feed. So I ticked it and filled in all the info. Sure enough I protected my MQTT server by adding UID and PW layer but ICC did not cater for that. So I did not give it a second thought and signed off. Obviously ICC gave up after a period of time not able to connect and reported it.

Today that snake sneaked up on me and bit me. 

Well its sorted now. 

I suppose the question is: which ICC version allows MQTT UserId and PW........


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