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  1. Gents, This is right up my recent memory and I am still sorting out minor issues. I used to have a Axpert MPPT ver II running really nicely and servicing essentials in my DB. Non essentials directly from grid. I have VERY limited North facing roof, so I opted for 2 SunnyBoys to supplement electricity. Downside: IF grid goes out, I was only running off the batteries. Lets add a SunnyIsland to get around that. Sunny Island ver 12 needs a backup box- Add that Sunny Home Manager ver 2.0 was needed - add that. I am in the lucky position that I can push 1
  2. , I was the fool in this chapter. I introduced a MQTT server on my network for IoT and one day when I was on ICC saw this tick and suddenly that light in my head lit up as I knew what I could do with the feed. So I ticked it and filled in all the info. Sure enough I protected my MQTT server by adding UID and PW layer but ICC did not cater for that. So I did not give it a second thought and signed off. Obviously ICC gave up after a period of time not able to connect and reported it. Today that snake sneaked up on me and bit me. Well its sorted now. I suppose th
  3. FOUND IT!!!! EASY TO SOLVE!!!! MQTT server was ticked: Although I have a MQTT server comissioned, but the interface does not cater for UID and PW which is required to publish to MQTT :-(
  4. I have not been accessing my RPi ICC for quite a period of time, so I do not know when it started to happen. Today I logged onto my desktop using VNC and notice this error messages: Reboot, restart.. nothing seems to make it disappear. I do not have solar connected to my system although used to have. SMA's provide solar power and Axpert charges batteries from input power - Axpert think it is grid, but could be grid OR solar from SMA Licence valid to 29-03-2050. Any ideas / suggestions from the clever guys?
  5. @plonkster Thanks for that advice. I am now making good progress in harvesting info. I am ultimately aiming to build a more sophisticated system to divert access power to geysers in turn. Like this just two notches up: http://mk2pvrouter.co.uk/
  6. So I guess my best bet would be to try and get the SBF Spot ( https://github.com/SBFspot/SBFspot ) to make available the readings for emoncms ........mmmmmmm but how? If it can send to PVOUTPT.ORG....there must be a way to send the readings to emoncms: OR am I over optimistic here?
  7. Ummmmm, Ummmmm,......think...think..... How do I get the readings INTO the Arduino? CT scanner? Then this will be much simpler: https://guide.openenergymonitor.org/setup/emontx/
  8. Maxomill, well, I have the STD feed into SMA site , but I actually would like to add graphs to the EMONCMS screen graphs, so I can pick irregularities up as it happens. I also have 4 DC switches, that I can flip, but I prefer the computer Monitoring route
  9. Having to purchase a Arduino to achieve that goal is a cheap run. @Sidewinder, I know I cannot bribe you with a bear :-), but how many coffees and Cokes for some pointers and help me to manage to feed readings into ICC EMONCMS? :-)
  10. @sidewinder, the SMA's do not have a comms port as suggested. :-( I am using the built in BlueTooth connection from SMA and Pi to establish the communication. No wires between the Rasberry Pi and and the two SMA's . I still have to check this suggestion: RS485->USB converter of @plonkster
  11. Like this: https://www.lazada.com.my/usb-to-rs485-485-converter-adapter-ch340g-chip-23021431.html Correct. I want to know DC; what is production. As you said: This is probably easier: BUT will I be able to feed readings into an emonCMS? - (Steep learning curve here for me!) :-)
  12. I have two SMA SB 4000TL 21 inverters. Each has two two MPPT controllers and I also have 2 strings of PV arrays connected. I therefore have 4 arrays feeding into the two inverters. Two are facing East and Two are facing West and the two Eastward facing arrays differ in size. I would like to monitor the power production PER array. Using the emonPi and emonTx with 4 CT sensors, can I monitor production per string? ( https://shop.openenergymonitor.com/emonpi-2/ ) + ( https://shop.openenergymonitor.com/emontx-v3-electricity-monitoring-transmitter/ ) This power will be DC and id
  13. [email protected] I knew there was a list but did not know I just had to stop ICC. Thanks Sent from my EVA-L19 using Tapatalk
  14. [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16] Sent from my EVA-L19 using Tapatalk
  15. I like the EMONCMS and PVOUTPUT interfaces. [emoji2] Sent from my EVA-L19 using Tapatalk
  16. Does any person have a list of all the inverters ICC can monitor? Like : will it monitor the SunnyBoy inverter - NON connected to a battery bank? http://www.sma.de/en/products/solarinverters/sunny-boy-30-36-40-50.html
  17. @ColinvS, how can I integrate these two inverters so I can use the 10 Kw PV arrray power during daytime. In the above schematic (If i understand it right) only 4 Kw can be utelised. Can I wire it so that I can use both the Infini and Axpert capacities? I do have a Axpert and considder adding an Infini but would like to connect geysers to warm in turn plus the rest of the house EXCLUDING oven. The idea would be to set Infini to be SGB. (Need advice on what the Axpert should be to accommodate demand at night time if tumble drier and dishwasher runs together e.g.)
  18. @Nico die twee belangrikste oorwegings vir my om die Raspberry PI te gebruik was Die feit dat Linux net soveel meer stabiel is in die PC omgewing. Dit het nie gereelde reboot nodig nie die feit dat 'n PC maklik 300 Watt tot 600 Watt op "Base load" bytel, waat die Raspberry Pi slegs 2 Watt (Twee watt) gebruik om dieselfde taak te doen. Ek het nie MQTT nie en is heel tevrede met die grafieke wat ek kry: Soos jy kan sien: omdat die son onder is, produseer die sonpanele geen krag, My Base is tans 460Watt en batterye is 97,4% vol Bietjie meer langer termyn grafieke:
  19. Nee! Daardie word gebruik vir wanneer jy meer as een inverter het: Kyk op bladsy 5 van die installasie handleiding Parallel-installation-AxpertKS+MKS-4K-5K-20141014.pdf
  20. @Johan van der Merwe, email my jou telefoon nommer: frits.erasmus at gmail dot com. Ek het so getik dat scrapers dit nie optel nie, so jy behoort dit te kan uit "figure" Die kabel op jou foto 2 is die een wat jy moet gebruik. die plug tussen jou duimnael en indeksvinger gaan in die gat onder die inverter gemerk "RS232" Die plug aan die draad wat blou is prop by jou pc in. As dit NIE daar pas nie kort jy die RS232 to USB converter. soos die: http://www.dx.com/p/usb-2-0-to-rs232-serial-9-pin-db9-adapter-converter-black-141463?tc=ZAR#.WP8vatwlFhE Ek s
  21. Die Kabel wat na die RS232 poort gaan het 'n Netwerk (RJ45 jack) aan die kant wat by die inverter inprop en die RS232 plug wat by jou rekenaar inprop.. Die USB (pug in die inverter) kabel werk nie na WatchPower nie
  22. @CoulombThank you very much for your help and clarification. Setting 02 for my system is set to 50A, so I am in luck
  23. @Johan van der Merwe, Het jy 'n PC met 'n Serial poort? Indien ja kan jy die kabel wat saam met die Axpert kom gebruik. Indien NIE, sal jy 'n converter moet koop wat die serial na USB omskakel. Verder is dit dan is die eenvoudig. Die regter donker groen is die RS232 serie poort wat jy graag op jou pc wil he om mee te konnekteer. Anders moet jy so iets kry: http://www.dx.com/p/usb-2-0-to-rs232-serial-9-pin-db9-adapter-converter-black-141463?tc=ZAR#.WP8vatwlFhE
  24. @Coulomb It was not too hard for a noob to press buttons. :-) I am used to point and click The firmware versions are: UI 72.40 U2 04.00
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