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  1. Hi hope all well little advice I have. Two 5kw expert inverters connected to 4 x 2.4kw pylontech Want to add batteries - i can get narada 4.8kw @R25k or pylontech 3.5kw also @ R25k - any suggestions in connecting different brands of batteries im guessing communication cable will not work between the 2 different brands Thanks
  2. Im to scared to take the chance -
  3. Mornings guys - 1 have 4 of pylontech us2000b My brother has 2 Hauwei (ESM-48100A1) Any 1 know if its possible to connect pylon and Huawei batteries in parallel on 1 system - Thanks
  4. Hi guys - looking for supplier of Mc4 male Mc4 female Mc4 y MFF Mc4 y FMM Please advice
  5. Hi guys any1 has Parallel Communication Cable Current Sharing Cable. For 5kva expert inverter i too have 1 set need 2nd to run 2nd unit urgent please
  6. Hi guys anyone tried and tested the " Sirius supercapacitor batteries "
  7. Left side of left roof is in shade till about 8/9h The top NE has sun (guessing )till around 15h00
  8. No chance at all - 2m from boundary and walls and roof 4m high
  9. Was just thinking not sure if anyone tried this: I have 9 x320w panels Going to be 3 strings of 3 what if I put 3 to face NE @ 15 ° and ( front roof ) 3 north and last @ 30° ( on a frame ) 3 to face [email protected] 15° ( side roof)
  10. Will it be OK To connect only : battery ac in and ac out For a while Panels still in boxes waiting on rails Or should I rather wait until panels are up and then connect everything ?
  11. @Werner Piek @Coulomb i got them to work parallel Updated the pf0.8 unit to 72.70c And no more fault ( 71 ) Will do all wiring this weekend
  12. According to calculator I got 42° - 66°- 90° from vertical according to me that's 48° - 24° - 0° from horizontal 48+24+0÷3 =24° also have a NW facing roof @15° Will it make a big difference NW compared to N facing Or will it just produce power latter
  13. I'll be very interested to hear the result Fault code ( 71 ) same as @Werner Piek Will update pf0.8 unit to 72.70c and give it a try should be fine then Thank
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