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ICC cuttoff settings offgrid


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My system is totally offgrid, I recently installed Pylontech batteries and ICC (still busy sorting out)

Is there any way to tell the ICC cutoff SOC? The only way I can see is setting ther Axpert voltage cuttoff.

SOC setting only for back to grid.

I have a Victron BM702 and can install this, this can then be used with external relay, is this my only option?
Also, will the Victron monitor integrate 100% with Pylontech BMS if I do? There is Settings in ICC for both

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3 minutes ago, Chris Hobson said:

Having chatted to Manie ICC takes input from either the BMV or the Pylontech not both.

OK, there is a setting on ICC to allow both though, if both selected, not sure which it would prioritize

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