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Our Holiday Vehicles/Homes


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This might qualify under "Suggestions for New Topic" but I would like to gauge the interest first.

Similar to a showcase, but practically discussing things like Camper Vans, 4x4 and stuff that we have fitted with Solar Power to make our holidays/trips/even working lives, a bit easier.

For example: I have a VW T5 TDi 4Motion that I have permanent panels fitted to (3 x 100W). That connects to a semi OK controller that charges 2 x 100Ah batteries. All that runs my donated Fridge, all re-charchables (like phones, GPS, Wi-Fi & small invertor if needing 220V for laptop). But anyway, I did this all on the absolute cheap, but I am sure that some of you have some holiday basics, 4x4's and stuff kitted with some basic Solar kit... It would be nice to see some ideas & thoughts...

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