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Victron setup / features


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Ok here is one for the VT people. I am looking at the Victron Easy Solar Kit and want to check if the following is possible.

What I have

  • Diesel Generator
  • Solar (Obvious :)
  • Battery Bank 
  • Grid

As I understand it you can setup the color control so that if the batts are getting low you can start the genny and it will charge the batteries as well as supply the load. But can I have a generator as well as the grid? The idea is to have the genny as backup on auto start so that so that should the grid fail and the batts are getting low , below 50% soc , the genny should kick in and run until the batts is at X%.

I looked at some of the video's available and I could only see one input.I also must say the Victron site does not have much info on the easy solar setup. The other thing is would I be able to connect the BMV monitor to the Easy Solar setup or does it have its own battery monitor. 

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47 minutes ago, PJJ said:

Correct me if I am wrong here, but can't he also use a Easysolar with a Filax then?

After I wrote that (you know, while on the school run and all) I realised that answer might have been too simplistic/limiting. I know it definitely can be done because this is the use case for the Quattro: Generator on one input, grid on the other. I'm sure it will also work with just one input and your own ATS. I'd have to try it out fisrt and today is just too much of mess to give an immediate answer.

(if my phone buzzes one more time... grrrr).

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Quick look into this. Yes, you can start the generator using the generator start/stop functionality. Normally you would tell it not to run the generator if AC-1 is in use (grid), but since you only have one AC input you cannot do that.

You can however hack it to work fairly easily, I'd say. When the CCGX wants the generator to start it will close a relay. By feeding this relay through some of your own logic (so it only actually reaches the generator when the grid is out, and stops reaching the generator when the grid's been back for a minute or so), you can get it working I'd think.

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