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Solar Panels - Specifications


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Normally the power rating of a panel will be given as Pmax or Wp.

This means the maximum of power the panel will deliver when tested in the factory. This is normally done at 1000W/m2 at 25C cell temp.

Also note that most manufacturers allow a +-5% variance on power delivery.

Some manufactures can also supply Nominal power figures.

This is normally done at 800W/m2 and at 45C cell temp. Should give you a much better idea of what to expect in real world conditions.


Voltage and Amps at max power. This is basically the voltage and amps your MPPT solar controller will try and control your system to, if possible.


Open circuit voltage.

This is extremely important to know this value, especially if you going to connect more than one panel in series to a solar controller.

If your solar controller input is rated 50V max, and you connect 2 x 24V PV panels, it might sound ok on paper, but the open circuit voltage might be 29V, and that could either blow the solar controller, or cause it to stop working.


Short Circuit Current.

This is the maximum current that will flow through the wires of a PV panel if they are shorted out.

I would use this as a good benchmark for sizing cabling to and from the PV panel.


Maximum System Voltage.

This is a good indication of how many panels could be connected in series.


Say max system voltage is 1000V.

Open circuit volts is 29V.

Max panels in series is then 1000/29 = 34.48 Panels, so 34 panels in reality.


Here is some examples....



DS_Sovello_Project_Pro_P_V1 5.pdf





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