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WANTED - Old / faulty PV panels.

Jaco De Jongh

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Hi All - I want to do a little "Myth buster" type test.

There is so much speculation of what will happen when one string in a multiple string setup develops a Short circuit. I would like to get my hands on one or more panels with short circuits on them already. I will see what i can do to get perfect panels to use in the test. 

I will make arrangements for transport. 

Anybody that can help, please post here or Pm me. 

Planned test will be discussed once we have the panels to make sure i cover everything in one test. 

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2 minutes ago, Javi Martínez said:

May be it is easier if you short one diode in your system, and see what happens?

My system is a single string, so it wont work. I need at least 4 panels to do the test i plan, 2 perfect ones and 2 with a short somewhere in the panel. Or i need to get my hands on 4 working ones, create a short where i want it and then record the results. Shorting the diode before the power could enter the  panel will defeat the objective/purpose of the test. 

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