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Pylontech US3000 communication to Venus/CCGX


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1 minute ago, plonkster said:

No... but it is essentially an RJ45 cable with a bit of pin-swapping, so I see no reason you can't DIY it.

Ok great, that's exactly what I am going to do then :)

I better just get my krimp exactly right then to avoid any headaches that could follow.

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3 minutes ago, plonkster said:

I must be the only IT guy out there who bought a cable crimper (for large DC cables) before I bought an RJ45 crimper. I still get others to do that for me. Buy the cable, get the crimp for free :-)

We have a "IT Technician" in the office, and I usually just ask him to crimp my cables as well, it takes him a few seconds to do it, it takes me minutes and in the process there is lots of self doubt and reflection that happens as I turn on the cable tester :P

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