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Spartan transfer switch

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I would like to buy a Spartan Transfer system for my solar backup. I have 8 Batteries producing 

24 volts and a Schneider  Inverter connected to my  240 volts house.

Could I can connect the spartan to  my 120 v house?



Off Grid :  6 Solar Panels. Outback 80A. Scheider 24 v Inverter. 8 Trojan T105 Batteries

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If I read the blurb, and that's all I have to go on.

It looks to me like this device will monitor your battery DC voltage, and do a fast dead chop over to the mains when the battery voltage gets low.

The manual indicates that threshold voltage is settable, and also that the device is good for switching 240Vac. There is a hysteresis  (Hi/lo)difference setting too.

The chop over only operates after a 2 second delay, which should gives things time to trip if there is a fault causing a voltage dip. So that seems OK.

( BTW, it must be used with something that will kill an overloaded circuit well within the 2 secs)

Will it work? Yes it looks like it will.


It's only good for 4.5 kW. (That rating can improved using a external reversing contactor)

Its probably not legal in SA - ( Please check local chop-over/islanding electrical regulations). It may be legal if its customer side of a legal anti-islanding isolation point, I don't know the finer points.

It doesn't seem to confirm that the 240Vac rail is live. So if your on the mains, you'll stay on the mains during a power cut or until your batteries charge.

Battery voltage and battery charge condition are not necessarily the same thing.

Probably, a output contact of a Victron BMV ( which measure the state of charge), is a more reliable initiator of the chop over process, from a functional point of view.






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5 hours ago, Ricardo Bengoa said:

The illustration does not look clear

That's about as clear as it gets. The only thing it doesn't show is the polarity on the various lines, which I assume will be indicated on the device itself.

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