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Anyone catch the Cartle Blanche 15k loadshedding special?


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What a hose. I thought that this show had real promise when I read the info page. "make your house loadshedding proof for R15 000"


The sales guy holds up a 50watt solar panel and says, yup, this is about R2000. R40 a watt? really?


In the end they bought everything (UPS, 10 globes, R1000 outside spotlight and a geyser timer) from Ellies at builders warehouse. Such a shame, you could of really done something substantial with that type of coin. 

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Yup, I watched it. By the end I wondered if it wasn't a Builders/Ellies advertisement. Had the same reaction to the solar panel price. Of course smaller panels often do work out a bit more than R10/watt... but not THAT much more. Also, the Ellies inverter is a MSW unit. I generally don't advise people to go with MSW.


The MSW math is absolutely fascinating, because what you're attempting to do is make a square wave with the same energy content as a sine wave, that is around 70.7% of the peak voltage. The fun starts with the really crappy cheap inverters with a fixed boost stage. When you load those down it compensates for the sagging peak voltage by modifying the mark-space ratio, in the worst case scenario leading to something that's a lot closer to a real square wave. If more people actually see and understand this they won't buy cheap MSW inverters. With that said, I'd love to get my hands on a free Ellies inverter just to see what kind of MSW inverter it is.

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one huge advert for builders/ Ellies. Gotta love the fact that builders got in on it and redid the building work for the house as well. I'm all for public outreach and all, but at least let me know it's a commercial ahead of time. Very uncarte blanche imho..


I had to educate myself on the MSW inverters as I knew nadda, hence my system being 12v dc at home....lol. 

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