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Settings for SonX Sx12-200D


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I have 2 sites where I am using SonX SX12-200D [12V200AH/100HR] AGM batteries And was hoping to get some recommendations on what settings to use.

Site1: (Still has Munisipality power backup)
Microcare 48V 5kw Inverter 
2x Microcare 60A Mppt (9 Panels on each mppt) with Equalize disabled
9x Solar panels facing east and 9x facing west
8x AGM batteries (was 12 but after 1 and half years 3 failed)

Site 2: (Off Grid)
Axpert 5kw Inverter + Mppt
9x Solar panels facing North
8x AGM batteries

Battery info:
Cycle Use: 14.6-14.8V 
Standby Use: 13.6-13.8V

On Site 2 I am not sure what the settings is to start the inverter if it switched off during the night due to reaching the shutdown voltage. It has to be started by switching the inverter off and on again.


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