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Low DC cut-off voltage


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I need some advice.

I have installed a 24v 3kva mecer Axpert -MKS inverter on line. I have connected 250Ah (10h) gel batteries that can go as low as 1.55 V/Cell (which translates to 18.6v) during discharge. This is according to the battery specifications. However, the inverter is set to only go down to 20v minimum. So my system switches off prematurely whilst the batteries still have capacity. But I am unable to set the inverter to the 18.6v.

May someone please assist.

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It is not advisable to discharge your batteries down to 1.55V per cell (even though the manufacturers claim that you can)

The reason most users only discharge their batteries to 50% SOC is to preserve them so that the batteries can provide many more cycles and therefore provide a better ROI..

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