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Solis local logging/syslog


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I have a 4.6KW Solis grid tied inverter.It has a WiFi dongle and logs events to https://m.ginlong.com.

I want to log locally so I can manipulate the data for HA for I can control things e.g  like Sonoff devices.

Solar software developers have been ignoring my requests to do any work or adding the Solis device to the list of devices ,so I am attempting this with HA.

My attempt to log to a local syslog server has failed.Ginlong dot com has no info regarding logging except to their site.

There are many users out there using Solis according to the Ginlong site.Anyone else configured and running a  local syslog server?

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35 minutes ago, flamegrilled said:

I have found a .py script.I am halfway. As the sun goes down, so does the Grid-tie and its logger...

Good luck.  As a matter of interest what is your firmware version on the logger? 

According the the portal mine is MW_08_0501_1.58.  I believe there are newer versions.


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