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Hi all  👋🏼


Name is Kassie, ............and I am a repeat offender.........

I repeatedly say nasty words and pull out my hair when I think about the state of electricity supply and our monthly bill.......

The time has come to take a serious look at,  at minimum supplementing Eskom supply with Solar, and I look forward to learning about this stuff.

I see that there are many smart and experienced people on the forum who are willing to share their thoughts and experiences, big thumbs up to you all. I hope to be able to make  valuable contribution some day too.

Till then..........Pretty Please........HELP


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On 2019/11/20 at 5:10 PM, Jaco de Jongh said:

Welcome Kassie, 

You came to the right place. Tell us a bit more of what you have in mind and the guys will soon start filling in the gaps for you.  

Thank you very much for the welcome Jaco.

In a nut shell what I am hoping for is to install a hybrid system (my understanding of hybrid at least) that has the ability to :

  • Use solar during the day to supplement our AC power usage and charge batteries
  • Have the intelligence to regulate AC output so as to not export power to the grid (For now at least, as I understand with older meters I will be billed for power I export, and I dont know what the current situation is wrt Net Metering ) 
  • Use battery backup to supplement solar during low solar conditions but with a priority to retain battery storage to provide backup during grid outages/load shedding. If it is better from a financial and battery longevity point of view to limit battery use to only backup situations that is fine too.


I have been looking at the Voltronix Infinisolar V2 range.

They seem to fit the bill as far as functionality. I have many questions though. Are they available locally. Is it permitted from a regulatory point of view. (The only restriction that I know of is that the system may not feed back into the grid during grid outages)

Does anybody have experience with the V2's and do they work?

 Another huge snag. I have s few Lithium Batteries,  they are however not stand alone modules so I need stand alone BMS systems for them. I need to find these and if anybody has any pointers it would be much appreciated.

In the interim I need to get a better understanding of what our actual average and max power consumption is.




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