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Upgradeable Solar Package

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Hi to members and readers

I am looking to start a phased approach to a Hybrid solar solution - would like advice on an Axpert King vs Goodwe/Victron Inverter together with advice on batteries as an initial backup system to be upgraded to a 5kwH solar system over time (can add batteries and panels at a later stage)

Would like advise from members that may have done this in the past as well as the experts out there


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Welcome moemoola

If i understand you correctly, you want to install an inverter and some batteries as a "UPS" system with the hope to upgrade to a solar system later. 

41 minutes ago, moemoolla said:

backup system to be upgraded to a 5kwH

In this case, buy the 5kw unit now, or go for a 3000VA Victron and add a another later when you are ready to upgrade. 

43 minutes ago, moemoolla said:

advice on batteries

If you plan to upgrade over time, you will need to look at Lithiums. If you choose Lead Acid batteries, you only have a 6 months window in which you can add more. With lithiums you can even add another after 2 years if you want to. 

 Before you decide, you will need to give us a better idea of the loads you like to run during a power outage. 

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