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Hi All

I am sure we would all like to be approved, if the municipalities could be trusted to act in a reasonable responsible manner.  But can they be trusted?

Has anyone applied and / or been approved in Ekurhuleni?  If so can you provide some guidance?

I tried to ask the municipality for their requirements.  Their response was to ask for my account number.  So that was the end of that discussion !


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I think various municipalities are in various states of preparation for approving of solar systems. COJ has some legislation in the pipeline, but nothing official yet. 

A big factor seems to be whether or not you want to export. Again COJ have tariffs for that, but they are clearly meant to discourage the practice.

We should anticipate legislation around domestic solar systems. One legitimate concern would be the safety of technicians working on lines they assume to be dead. Another, which we are starting to see in some parts of the world, is grids coming under strain through having too much power in the middle of the day when the solar systems are merrily generating.

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I would call the wrong ideology and income generation instead of providing a service by the Municipalities. Local Buggerment does not understand the impact of blackouts, financial or otherwise. Therefore they discourage Solar PV. See all the charges they tack on, and the dismal behaviour from the legislative and admin perspective.

The overseas legitimate issue (although ill conceived and the wrong approach, as the utilities are really only worried about losing their marketshare) about excess Solar should be addressed by Storage, either water pumping ala Ingula or Lion/LifePo4 can be used to manage that, like they do in Aus for the Wind farms.

Even better would be to intelligently couple the local residential storage and Solar PV systems to supply or/and absorb access Solar for later release. No Eskom dependency for those participating in the Micro grids, no CapEx by Muni's or Buggerment and almost no OpEx.


Only reason not to is theft, graft and control of money, the wrong and idiotic, ideology. Sorry LPG

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I provided support for a (successful) commercial application to Ekurhuleni. 

I can't imagine that there is any particular reason not to share them, so the guidance and application documents we received are attached. Contact details are in the forms. 

Hope this helps!

SB 1 Annexure 4.pdf SB 2 Application for embedded generation22.pdf SB 3 Process prior PV Installation V1.pdf

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