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Hoymiles "ID does not match"


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Hello there,

I just installed Solar Power on my house , and I am having some trouble in connecting to the hoymiles web/app service. The website and manual don't cover the error that I will present, so I decided to search for help here.
In both App and Web service of hoymiles, when I login the service to monitor my grid, I am not able to do so and it seems that it's because the system is not able to check one ID. Not sure wich ID it refeers to, and if it can be corrected by me. But any help that I can get here will be usefull.

Ps.: Sorry for the poor english

Screen Capture



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same problem here (Europe) with the Hoymiles device. It is online and even if it was installed as per the attached manual I got from the solar operator, it is shining blue.

All in all, not possible to monitor the power production.

Any ideas how to solve this issue?





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The "ID Does not match" error means that the number of, or serial numbers/ID's of the MicroInverters on the Web Portal is not identical to those known by the DTU. If you have an installer account for your power station you can click on the "Networking" icon inside the "more" icon on the extreme right of your "list of stations" page to send the list from the web portal to the DTU. This assumes that the web portal contains the "correct" quantity and ID numbers of the MicroInverters.

If you do not have solar operator/installer account then your solar operator/installer should be able to easily solve this "ID does not match problem" for you.


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I hope you can help, you appear well informed on the Hoymiles devices?

I would like to see the amount of power generated VS the amount of power consumed VS the amount of power that comes in from Eskom.

As you can see from the website graph attached, I am only seeing 1 value, the power produced. 

I can see the values of P-Total in the data from the local DTU, but is there a way to see this as a graph?

The mobile app shows again the amount of power the panels have generated. 

BUT what i would love to see, if you could guide me, is the solar VS Eskom example attached

If you can help?




94 percent.JPG



solar VS eskom use.JPG

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