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Combiner box recommendations and input


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I'm looking at adding Solar power to my existing Axpert knockoff inverter + Pylontech battery setup that's already running and protecting me against load shedding. Since the MPPT voltage range is 64v - 130v I'm considering 3S3P of sixty cell panels (depending on my roof) with the following specs:

  • Pmax 310W 60 cell
  • Vmp 33,1V
  • Imp 9,37A
  • Voc 40.0V
  • Isc 9,94A

I'll buy the components and have my roof guy install the rails and bolt in the panels the rest I would like to do myself. I looking at getting a decent combiner box that would be bolted next to the inverter and simplify the install. As I understand it each string of panels should terminate in the combiner with

  • DC breakers for each each string capable of handling 100V 10A per string
  • Surge / Lightning Protection
  • Fuse for each string

The MicroCare combiner box seems to have the best specs https://www.megasolarsa.com/product/microcare-low-voltage-1-6-series-pv-string-combiner-units/


  1. Is all the above necessary or is it overkill? if so what other connector box suppliers did you use?
  2. Who would you buy the connector box from? MegaSolar seem to be one of the few MicroCare distributors
  3. Do I need to earth the panels & rails and if so can I use my existing electrical earth?


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