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ICC Software Settings


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I am looking for advice on the values I should specify within the Inverter Control Center software on the Inverter MQTT settings tab.

(ICC Software version 2.996 running on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.)


I have attached my current settings: ICC_Settings.jpg

My assumptions:

1. PV Size must be set to 4 x 370 = 1480

2. Inverter system total watts = 3000 as per the attachment Axpert Mks 3K 24V.jpeg. I am not sure what Export Max should be.

3. Battery volts Normal: Must this be my 100% charged voltage? i.e. 27.6

4. What should the Battery volt Min and Max setting be?

5. What should the Battery volts Medium and Low values be?


My Solar Configuration:

  • Axpert Mks 3K 24V Plus Inverter (Manual and Specs Uploaded)
  • 4 x 370W PV Panels
  • 2 x 12V 260Ah Deep Cycle Battery (Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) AGM batteries)


Axpert Mks 3K 24V.jpeg


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None of these settings have any impact on the inverter behaviour - they are only for for your dashboard and the savings calculation.

You will see that with the exception of PV size, all other settings are under the heading 'Gauge Settings'. These only impact the range of the gauges on your 'Dashboard 2'. For example, the two 'Battery Volt' settings at the top define the range that your battery gauge on Dashboard 2 will display (lower and upper limit of the gauge). The 'Battery Volt' settings at the bottom define which color the gauge will be in (depending on the values that you have set).

Again, all of these settings only impact your dashboard - but not the actual inverter settings. These you set under the tab 'Inverter Settings'

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