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MPPT Stuck - Aerox 5.2kw


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I have an Aerox 5.2kw with batteries installed. For the last couple of days, i have faced a problem that even though there is enough sun out there, but the inverter doesn’t increase the production as expected. timing highlighted below is where the PV_CHARGE_POWER should have increased with the increasing load. Solar production is stuck between 200-220W during the impacted interval and resolved by itself in about 30 minutes or so. System was running in SOL mode,  remaining power was used from main supply.


MPPT rage - 120v to 430v




PV_V vs I:




Same issue faced yesterday as well:


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3 hours ago, zetas said:

Solar production is stuck between 200-220W during the impacted interval

In fact, exactly ruler-flat 0.5 A (battery side? but it must somehow be panel side). I'd almost suggest measurement error, except that the PV volts graph confirms it.

I suspect it's a "PV dip", as reported in this post and others. It seems to affect multiple Axpert models. I'm not aware of any resolution, unfortunately.

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