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Rechargeable Desk Lamp

Richard Mackay

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5 hours ago, DaveSA said:

I do normal swopout LED globes 7W with B22 or E27 fittings. Don't get simpler than that. They continue working during loadshedding and operate from your normal wall switch On/Off. Last for 3-4 hours and have 2 year warranty @ R120/ea . PM me if you need. 

Do you rewire the lighting wiring to do this? (common battery for more than 1 light?)

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I just put 3W 12V LED downlights in (equivalent to 30W ordinary lights each).

Small 18Ah 12V battery and keep that plugged into the wall with its charger. Gives about 3 and a half hours or light for 11 of those LED down-lights, I never use all 11 at a time though. 2 in kitchen, one in bathroom and one in hallway max at one time. Got 3 in living room, 2 in each bedroom.

Using a constant 3-4 of these lights at one time at most it is enough to light my whole little apartment. If you have a bigger place you may consider a larger battery. During day time no lights necessary.

Should get roughly 5 hours with an 18Ah battery with 5 lights on consistently. There's no loss either. Everything is powered directly from battery.

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