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  1. Hello @Doom5003, With the TV is there a DSTV decoder, additional audio or TV audio only? For the Wifi will you also have PCs or laptops running? That will determine what kind of system you need. Pedestal fans or ceiling fans? VERY rough estimates here: TV - ~150W Ceiling fan ~60-80W Pedestal fan ~75W (high speed) Router ~15W LED light 14W (if standard ceiling light) Given the above as, once again, VERY rough estimates then: 1x TV = 150W 2x Ceiling fan = 160W 2x Router = 30W 4x LED light = 56W (added 2 extra lights because, you
  2. Thanks for the response. Much appreciated.
  3. I just put 3W 12V LED downlights in (equivalent to 30W ordinary lights each). Small 18Ah 12V battery and keep that plugged into the wall with its charger. Gives about 3 and a half hours or light for 11 of those LED down-lights, I never use all 11 at a time though. 2 in kitchen, one in bathroom and one in hallway max at one time. Got 3 in living room, 2 in each bedroom. Using a constant 3-4 of these lights at one time at most it is enough to light my whole little apartment. If you have a bigger place you may consider a larger battery. During day time no lights necessary. Should g
  4. You can actually buy lithium cells from takealot?
  5. Not sure of the K, but I know the M is, presumably, for modular in that it can run parallel. From the datasheet I have only the 3kVa is not M, but P. Well yes, and no. I do intend getting PV later on. Does this unit check PV first before relying on mains AC? For example, if I have 1kW coming from PV but need 2kW will it share the load or switch completely to mains?
  6. Both here - http://inverexcustomercare.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/APT-Axpert-KING-3KW5KW-manual-20180112B.pdf And here (Kodak which I presume is also Axpert) https://solaradvice.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Axpert-KING-manual-NEW.pdf
  7. I was wondering if anyone is using this inverter with Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. According to the manual only lead-acid should be used, yet I have heard some people are using them with custom charging modes. Even then, is the built-in charge controller not going to charge as per lead-acid charging methods?
  8. Yes, the planet and its resources are finite, what I am trying to convey is that oil may just be a gas released from the earth's core which becomes crude oil at some point. Since that geological process never stops it may be near limitless. From memory I think the Russians proved something along these (oil being gas from below) lines during the 70s. Nevertheless, no, gold and other resources are not comparable, except diamonds where the market is dictated by the release schedules of De Beers. Diamonds are not infinite, but certainly there's more going around than what people are made to b
  9. I'm going to take a stab at this once more. "Climate change", should be measured over millennia., not years or decades. I object to some degree that anything *not* published in Nature is false, because if there is an "agenda", then certainly truth will be discarded for that journal. A lot, if not most, of the so-called scientific "research" is done in service of the UN. Of course the oil conglomerates run the financial system, at least partly. Oil is freely available, it is not made up of dinosaur fossils or whatever you have been taught at school, it is a gas that surfaces
  10. Honestly, Even if "the globe is warming", which it does, in the 70s they also warned everyone of an impending "ice-age", what can you do about it? Really, what can you actually do about it? Do you think sticking a solar panel on the roof or some wind generator will reverse what the rest of ~8Bn people do? No, it will not. Best not to fret about it. The world is supposed to end, if it ends it ends. People make such big fuss over things that are possibly very natural occurrences. This here suggests people know the earth has climate cycles: " The River Thames frost fairs[
  11. I'm very new to this, but these appear to be very good batteries https://www.rectifier.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/LFeLi-48100C_V5.0-EN.pdf They are Lithium Iron Phosphate, they charge slightly different to conventional lead-acid in that they are 2-stage. They charge to roughly 60-70% maintaining current, then drop current and maintain volts. Lead-Acid if I am not mistaken has 3 stage. Still, Lithium Iron Phosphate, from my understanding should not give much issues unless you are severely under or overcharging them.
  12. Hello all, I was wondering whether anyone can help me with recommendations on easy to use circuit design software for the beginner on which I can also simulate, for Windows, Linux or browser based. Apologies if this is listed elsewhere on the forums.
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