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Used MHN.co.za/Manhattan Computer solutions?


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Horrible experience with this company. Was recommended and has good reviews so I'm hoping this was just a unique once off absolute failure to deliver on repeated promises made. Was planning on just letting it go but I see the same product still advertised on website, at a higher price, and with the same outright false claim that the unit is in stock. Tried to buy the KOOL inverter and phoned to make sure was available before making payment. Was assured they had it. Made payment, forwarded pop. Followed up, was told it was in the Mecer warehouse not the office. Website says otherwise. Engaged with rude, sarky employee called Paul who lacked any sense of professionalism. His colleague Roger was better at communicating, but had nothing of substance to offer. Promised to phone me back with delivery details. Nobody phoned. Followed up. Was told in fact the product would only be available in 2 weeks. Website contains lies, stock not where it is claimed to be, delivery charges not disclosed and steep, and now it seems the company is trying to make extra profits from the loadshedding crisis, raising the price on the same unit, while still claiming it is in the office. Absolute train smash of an experience. Never again. Oh, and if you plan to phone them, take a course in patience first, several attempts with endless ringing will ensue. 

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