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Unconventional Project


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Hi Guys


I hope all is well.

Got a bit of a unconventional project to share with you guys.

I have a computer running a few high performance graphics solving cryptology algorithms. (Nothing dodgy :)

The Graphic cards are running at Full tilt, they chow Power Each as well as generating a lot of heat,


Looking over the manufacturers specs of these graphics cards, They have a Thermal Design Point of about 200W

If I understand it correctly - I am therefore Spinning off 200 Watts of Heat into the Air with the Cards cooling fans , when the card runs at full tilt.


A really crazy idea would be to use an Aftermarket water cooling block and use the Heat from the Graphics card to heat up hot water,

If my rough uneducated calculations are correct: 200W will heat 100L of Water up by 1degreeC


Enthusiasts usually use water cooling systems to cool down computer components with out the noise of a fan blowing. This is a luxury after market product.

However it would be really interesting to heat up water rather, for some type of use.


Bit of a eccentric idea I know. But it pains me to see 400W of power get pushed into the air.

Least it keeps the room warm :) haha

keen to hear you guys thoughts,




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Was thinking of something like this:
inline heat exchanger - Google Search

Have a closed loop water system on the GPU side. The Heat exchanger will transfer heat into the other water system.
One could have a cooling fan on the side of the GPU that automatically switches on to cool the water-blocks if the temp exceeds 55C and turns off again below 55.
Which is probably unlikely do to the heat loss with the exchange and the piping.
A funny project I know. smile.png But all this heat going into air gets to me, haha.

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