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Advice needed bitten by the solar bug

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Hi all

New to the forum, after months of research I have decided to take the leap and join the solar community. 

What Initially started as looking for a backup for eksdom and loadshedding  has gone full circle. I now find myself looking to join the independent self consumption community. The system I have in mind consisting of the following:

1. Luxpower 5kva hybrid inverter 

Relatively new comer to the industry  or rather atleast to me?

2. Dyness 3.55kwh modules x 2

3. Canadian 410w/405w Pv modules x 8

Approximately 3.2kwh


The idea is to start with the lux inverter and battery backup and later add pv modules, am I on the right track??

Current consumption is around 24 to 26kw daily and 440to 460kw monthly. Wishing to power essentials lights,tv,dstv,fridge. 

Also looking for installer in the strubensvalley area.

Thanks in advance 

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