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Axpert 3Kw Vm3 24volt self/standby consumption


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I was wondering if anyone has experience with this model of hybrid inverter and knows about the real world self consumption - I have just installed a 24v 5Kw Axpert and it uses approx 100w with no load on it whatsoever! My system can't handle that so it's up for sale and I'm considering the newest 3Kw version. Also the 24v 5Kw one has a fan running continuously - does anyone know if that is the case with the 3Kw Vm3?

Many thanks to all! 🙂

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My VMiii draws about 30-40W from the battery when in bypass mode, so i assume that is the self-consumption. Fan turns on when temp hits 42°C, solar power is great than ~500W or battery is charging/discharging around ~500W. So not always, but fairly often. It's definitely noticeable from the next room if there isn't too much ambient noise, but not enough that I've wanted to do something yet. 


Other than that, this inverter has behaved perfectly so far! 

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