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Shouldn't the solar array (20 x 360w) cover these loads


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  • Client has 20 x 360w (7200w) panels on the roof (roof, facing north). 5 strings of 4
  • 2 x MPII in parallel
  • SmartSolar MPPT 250|100.
  • ESS system not feeding in to grid. Set to about 70% state of charge for self consumption.


Why isn't the PV covering all the day loads?


A looks normal in this image, but the B section. The client is using high consumer (iron) during this time. Shouldn't the array handle this consumption?


B in image 2.

red square in image 1



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First of all I'm afraid your 1st graph confuses kW with kWh. Remember kWh is energy (consumption), kW is power. I think your graph shows power in kW.

What you should do is meter the daily consumption of your household. I made a statistic by reading and recording my meter monthly over years before installing solar. It boils down to an average daily consumption of about 10kWh. I found in internet a graph that shows for about 34°S that 9 330W panels yield in winter (June) just 10kWh per day. Important is the battery capacity. I installed 9.6kWh and found that now at a sunny day in August they will overcharge. So I'm planning to add 4.8kWh. This way it will cover a cloudy day and eventual consumption surge.

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