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Maxim Ca/Ca 105Ah x 7 (or 8)


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Hi All

Is anyone interested in 4 month old Ca/Ca batteries. 2 are brand new (just been replaced by supplier). The last one is still undergoing review and might be replaced by the supplier if faulty.

As I have come to realise, these are not ideal for my full time use as I am using them with constant cycling, and my Invertor isn't able to deliver a proper equalising charge (63V). These would make ideal and powerful standby units (have a much lower standby discharge rate than normal lead acid) for a backup system (using an Invertor or large UPS).

Ca/Ca batteries don't sulphanate easily, so a equalisation charge on standby is probably only needed every 6+ months, and even the Axpert's 58.4V maximum is sufficient to do that by itself in standby (not daily switching).

So, any interest at R6k for the lot?

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