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Goodwe tripping problem

Dave Thomas


Hi, I've had a Goodwe 4.6 ES , configured in general mode and 4 off Pylontech US3000 battery's installed since March. Generally I'm quite happy with the setup but lately I've had a couple of irritating trips that I'm not sure the cause of. The most irritating was during a load shedding episode last week when I flushed the toilet (silly me, we also have water problems here on the Natal South Coast so the JoJo pump kicked in). The result was that the inverter tripped. No problem I thought, and it will reset and restart, but it didn't - it just sat there with the WiFi light and the battery light oscillating. I had turned off the JoJo pump so it wouldn't attempt to start when the inverter reset. However as soon as Escom was restored the inverter reset, which indicated to me that there was a shortage of power but the battery's were fine.

A couple of days later I tripped during the day. The sun was shining, Escom was available and there was about 5% spare capacity in the battery's (that is, there was 5% available before it reached it's DOD limit), and the indication was that I was pulling around 4.2 kW at the time. The inverter tripped and reset in a couple of minutes. This time I managed to get a diagnostic message.


Does anybody have any suggestions as to what may be happening?


As a related query, PV Master has an alarm page, (Parameters/Alarm) which I understand from the manual should contain "max more than 100 piece of historical alarm or warning information". However my list contains precisely zero. Has anybody come across this before





Thanks in advance




Goodwe Message.jpg

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