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Axpert KIng Bypass Mode

Andre Kruger

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Hi everyone


how can i set my inverter to bypass mode?  (i am studying the manual but he chinglish is getting to me)

when i put the kettle on for example, the inverter sounds like it is about to take off, and that is with utility power available.....


how can i set it so that every time i use the kettle\dishwasher\washing machine it doesn't ramp up like that and just use eskom power directly??

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Hi Andre, 

I have a King and have worked through the manual pretty thoroughly. I'm not aware of a function that can be programmed to cause the inverter to bypass at a given load. It will bypass (trip) on overload. To be clear, I take it you mean bypass mode as in complete bypass of the inverter and connect the grid straight to the load. 

The inverter is designed to feed whatever load is connected, up to its capacity, so if you connect a big load the fans will race - normal. This happens because with the king the inverter is working all the time (in its default mode). When there is grid power it will convert grid power to DC to feed the inverter so you will notice it working hard with big loads, even through some or all of the power might be coming from the grid. This design allows it to blend solar power in with grid power (SUB mode). In this way the system will always use as much solar power as it can and supplement with grid power when necessary. Only when there is not enough solar power and grid power is not available will it use the batteries. This can be programmed with the source priority settings. 

Possible options:

  • You can put it into "eco" mode where it will remain in bypass mode until the grid power fails. That may work for you.
  • Feed your big loads directly from the grid and only supply critical loads from the inverter.  

Hope that helps more than confuses. 


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