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Parallel battery best wiring practice?


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Hi All.

I am about to add a 2nd battery to my setup... As you can see from the below picture, this model Narada battery does not have 2 sets of battery connectors to make daisy chaining simple.

My question is what is the best wiring practice when connecting the 2nd battery?

  • Do I match the cable length and connect them both to the battery disconnect?
  • Do I cut cables to size and daisy chain off the single set of connectors on the battery?

Then when looking at the cabling from the inverter to the disconnect, currently I am running 25mm cable. From reading online, I am seeing that I should be running 35mm cable for 48v 200AH. Would it be better to to run a single 35mm run or double up on the 25mm cable that is already?

Thanks in advance

P.S. Before anyone asks, the battery has since been lifted off the floor but needs to remain upright to avoid being hit by SWAMBO's car



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