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Battery monitoring

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Hi there Power forum members

Not totally new to solar as I have been running since February 2020 with the following system grid tied

1 x     Infinisolar 5KW Plus Solar hybrid inverter

22 x  330W Polycrystalline solar panels

5 x   Pylon US2000B Plus 2.4Kwh Li-ion batteries   (although the inverter only shows 4 batteries on the software)

I have managed to basically half my electricity consumption from grid so from an average usage of 680KWH per month down to 300 to 380 KWH; the best results obviously now in full summer.

I do not get load shedding until we get to level 6 as i am on the same grid as a major hospital so i want to start running my batteries at night even if it is just for 3 hours and thi sis where my problem comes in.

The inverter seems to be clueless as to the level of charge the battery has e.g. just before sunset it will show as 52 Volts and as soon as the sun goes down it will drop to 48 or 49 Volts.

Reading through some of the topics on the forum it seems to be a fairly common issue so would like to know what device (heard of raspberry pies) I can add to my system to better monitor the batteries so that i do not discharge them too low 



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1 hour ago, Colin Kets said:

Infinisolar 5KW Plus Solar hybrid inverter

Infini Solar is also on the list of compatible inverter for ICC - maybe just confirm your exact model (if necessary, drop Manie an email at [email protected]

I have Axpert inverters and Pylons - and ICC does exactly for me what I believe you are looking for

PM me if you want further details

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