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  1. How long was the batteries installed before you picked up the problem? Did your installer balance the batteries after installing them? I have 2 Hubble batteries(we had to balance them) with a Sunsynk running without any problems.
  2. The Sunsynk 10kW 3 phase will be available from next week. The 8kW and 12kW has not arrived yet.
  3. That's true but I know a lot of people who have more than one geyser and at 3/4kWh per geyser thr draw is to much even as a non essential load. But then again I run the entire house from my 5.5 Sunsynk inverter including the geyser, pumps and the occasional lawnmower...
  4. I'm afraid I've only had an Axpert in a off grid set-up and it gave me numerous problems almost daily. I do agree warranty repairs are a pain found it to be worst of all on the Axpert and Kodak. Recently an installer friend of mine did a Sunsynk installation(he's done about 50) where the one Lcd was faulty he phoned the supplier and 2 days later he received a brand new Lcd with full instructions of how to replace it.
  5. Yes I have used both, currently have a 5.5kw Sunsynk running for almost 5 months without any problems. The Sunsynk has a 5 year warranty much better than what Axpert/Kodak offer, last time I checked it was 2 years on Axpert and 3 years for Kodak. The 8kw Sunsynk has 2 MPPTs that can take 4 strings and can handle 12kw of solar. You should be able to pickup a Sunsynk for around R34000.
  6. If funds allow I would suggest to rather spend that few Rands extra and get a Sunsynk.
  7. Very true, I have gone from an average of 50 units a day down to 10 units with my geyser permanently on and a gas stove but 3 times the fridges.
  8. I think that's most of these installers are just out for a quick buck, no after sale service so they really don't care if it works properly. That's why I opted to buy my equipment and just get someone to do the installation according to what I wanted. I can fone my installer anytime day or night and he's always willing to help. He also did not charge me R10 000-R15 000 per day like some do.
  9. Rather go with the Sunsynk, up until very recently Microcare inverters weren't compatible with lithium batteries. As far as I know to date they only work with Hubble batteries and they don't have full comms either.
  10. Yes in short but if you need more details:
  11. Welcome @SolarNoob1, you'll find lots of useful information on this forum if you browse a bit.
  12. Make sure your fridges/freezers are A++ because some older freezers can use up to 2kW. We recently replaced a front loader washing machine that used 2.5kWh with a top loader of 350w.
  13. You could install an Efergy energy meter in your Db and monitor your usage that way. It would give a good indication of peak loads and average usage.
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