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  1. Could I make a suggestion: In the Commercial section on this forum you'll find Backbone energy they'll be able to assist with your questions.
  2. The Sunsynk comes with a CT clamp that controllers that.
  3. It's never a good idea to mix different brands of batteries or different types of batteries.
  4. Yes it can supply power to both the essential and non essential loads.
  5. @SmirresaI have seen this before if the load wasn't split into essential and non-essentials. The Deye/ Sunsynk inverters can supply power to both essential and non-essential loads but unfortunately not the Axpert type. Kettles, hairdryers, powertools anything with an element or that require a high start-up current should not be run off those inverters. Ideally it should only be used for backup purposes for things like your lights, computers, tv, security systems.
  6. They just posted a special on solar panels. Might be a clue...
  7. The battery you posted is a Bain's battery or otherwise known as Lithium batteries sa. You could also look at the BSL Bull battery from Powerforum-store. If you look at some of the user installations quite a few used them.
  8. Looks like rebranded Deye inverters they are 5kw and 8kw. Sunsynk would be a 5.5kw and 8.8kw.
  9. Maybe you should have a look at the Sunsynk range thay have a 3.6kw a 5.5kw and a 8.8kw.
  10. @Bobster I do agree a few kw would not be vaiable but if you stay on a farm or a more rural property it would make sense. Most of those guys pay R2500 just to have a transformer on their property then they haven't even used any electricity yet. Imagine getting a montly bill of R20 000 to R100 000+ but you electrical supply is intermittent and off 4 hours of the day. So now you fork out R500 000+ because that's your peak use but your pumps and stuff don't run the whole day or every day so there excess power that you can sell to the municipality. They now pay you R20 000 a month for as
  11. Chloe


    Awesome installation! How's the new system running? Hope you have some nice clear sky's for your first day!
  12. @Proxicon have a look here.
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