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  1. You do get this locally: The device intelligence comes in when DC (solar) power becomes insufficient and the unit switches over to AC (grid) power ensuring you always have hot water. It’s a peak saving device for your hot water tank and effectively turns it into a solar battery where the energy generated is stored for later use as hot water. What this means in simple terms is that DC power from solar panels can be used to directly power the element that you find in your existing hot water tank, effectively converting your 50, 100, or 200 litre hot water tank into a hybrid green heate
  2. So it's very important to always make sure your panels are earthed if not for insurance purposes for safety reasons. I would not be impressed if my very expensive inverter goes up in flames because of someone taking shortcuts.
  3. Well done, Jason good to see someone do nice things for animals for a change!
  4. How important is it to earth your solar panels?
  5. Have a look at https://batterytestcentre.com.au/batteries/ They have tested both.
  6. Welcome LionESS to the Powerforum family! How about giving US some pricing on here?
  7. The MR16 would be more like little spot lights thus close to what you'll get from a torch or you would have to install quite a few to light a room or 2 with quite a big battery then. Rather go for something like a 12v strip light they run quite well off a battery.
  8. Give the Powerforum-store a call or drop them a mail they are really helpfull and explain everything in detail!
  9. Yes agreed, those are important and also legally required but a lot of installers still don't adhere. That is one of the reasons I started this thread... so people can understand solar panels an inverter and batteries does NOT make a solar system.
  10. Yes agreed, with lithium batteries a disconnect switch probably is a non essential but with older batteries I've seen way to many sparks fly(or spanners fall on open battery banks) Unless it's a 10 watt panel I wouldn't use hosewire.
  11. I have seen quite a few "professional" installations that don't have battery disconnect swiches or installers using normal housewire instead of solar cable.
  12. What do you consider as essential items in a Solar Installation? Appart from the obvious( panels, inverter and batteries).
  13. HA02 battery balancer seems to be the best.
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