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  1. Rather go with the Sunsynk, up until very recently Microcare inverters weren't compatible with lithium batteries. As far as I know to date they only work with Hubble batteries and they don't have full comms either.
  2. Yes in short but if you need more details:
  3. Welcome @SolarNoob1, you'll find lots of useful information on this forum if you browse a bit.
  4. Make sure your fridges/freezers are A++ because some older freezers can use up to 2kW. We recently replaced a front loader washing machine that used 2.5kWh with a top loader of 350w.
  5. You could install an Efergy energy meter in your Db and monitor your usage that way. It would give a good indication of peak loads and average usage.
  6. Yes the inverter requires a reference voltage either via the grid or via a battery.
  7. And then this happened: https://mybroadband.co.za/news/energy/386776-eskom-to-hike-electricity-prices-by-over-15.html
  8. And now this : https://mybroadband.co.za/news/energy/386776-eskom-to-hike-electricity-prices-by-over-15.html
  9. Yes they are doing system upgrades.
  10. Apparently they have a 3 year warranty not a 2 years. From the suppliers: "The Giter 48V batteries are only compatible with the Kodak OG-5.48, OG-PLUS-5.48 and OG-7.2" Datasheet_EN_G2500-24 G2500-48_V01.01122020 (2).pdf
  11. I think we've already concluded that this is not a HYBRID and also currently not available in SA. Also not on the COCT approval list.
  12. There's a bit more to it but there's lots of information about the Sunsynk on the forum.
  13. Sunsynk inverters are hybrid they can supply power to both essential and non essentials loads. Cost wise Sunsynk is a fraction of the price.
  14. Victron is a grid-tried inverter. It can only power essential loads.
  15. Jip that's what I meant it's not a hybrid, I did notice the 450VDC.
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