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  1. I'll make some of this available via a write up once I have a bit of time. Those blocks were basically the stats block and I added some thresholds
  2. As a side project, I developed a semi-realtime dashboard using some open source components and some custom software that I wrote. My current setup is the following: I have a 8kW sunsynk inverter and 10kWh revov batteries. have a program running on a raspberry pi 2 that polls the wifi (solarman) dongle on my 8kw inverter. It writes the inverter data to json files every 30 seconds. I then have another program that uploads the json payloads to a google cloud server (on their free tier) running grafana and influxdb. I have most of the google cloud stuff on a docker image, so I can move it quickly to another server if I see the server isn't handling the loads. I then created the following custom dashboard in grafana: I'm still trying to pin down what information is useful, so it's still a bit of a work in progress. I have to see what other battery info there is on the inverter, but for now I'm just interested in the soc & voltages. My next steps are to connect my pi to the can port (rs485 is occupied) and try and get the same info, but I'm not sure how that's gonna work. The rs485 port is unfortunately connected to the batteries, so I can't go that route.
  3. Hi Methuselah, I'm currently busy with a similar setup: 8kw sunsynk & 12 panels x 430W. My reason for going with the sunsynk is that it's a true hybrid and can blend and prioritize energy from different sources. A question for you to ponder: why do you not go with more powerful solar panels? When you consider room for expansion, the material cost of installation (per panel), it might work out cheaper to go with 10x400W (or more) panels instead of 12x 340W. You just have to calculate how many panels you can efficiently string together for your inverter. For a deep dive, try this: https://www.wholesalesolar.com/blog/string-sizing-guide In terms of costs, I was shocked to receive two quotations of ~R35k each for installation. That included splitting my db board into essential and non-essential, 2 strings of 6 panels etc. Hopefully you could get away with less
  4. I received my inverter today and I realized that no wifi module was included as part of the package. Just be a aware of this detail that I missed
  5. Nope, I bought from them over the weekend. They sell to the public as well, you just have to register first I think there was one field that asked for a Company name, I just filled in "Private"
  6. I have found Herholdts to have the best prices for the sunsynk. R3k less than the competitors
  7. Hi All, I bought an inverter (sunsynk 8k hybrid) and I'm still looking for a good deal on a li-ion battery. I know I can safely go with a pylontech or dyeness and be done with it, but there are some other batteries that I have my eye on (averge, sun pays, etc.) This inverter has a can bus port for communicating to the battery's bms which brings me to my question, which might be stupid : Will any battery with a can bus port will be able to communicate with a inverter that has a can bus port? Is the can bus just a general transport layer and each vendor implements their protocol on top of this? Or is it a standard protocol for cross vendor communication? Maybe I'm making too big of a deal that the inverter has to communicate with the battery's bms? Thanks
  8. I have been looking for lithium ion batteries for a new solar setup for a while now. I'm about to buy some pylontech us3000 batteries, but the found the following batteries by clicking on a google add: http://solarenergyrsa.co.za/?product=12kwh-lithium-ion-batteries-with-10yrs-warranty-last-chance-yeah-end-stock-clearance-sale-50-off Now I know if something is too good to be true, it probably is. So this is either a scam or stolen batteries, but I'm intrigued if is it's somehow legit. So who's gonna buy one and let us know how it went?
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