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  1. Hi I am interested in 12 x 455w panels. Have emailed through a delivery query. Tx Ryan
  2. Morning everyone, Tx for the feedback thus far. I chatted to my installer as well as the SA Goodwe rep and they both indicated that it should be safe to do so. I tested yesterday and had the following results after moving the crossover switch from grid to generator. (I have 2 db boards now - one for essential and one for non-essential whereas I used to just have one db board for the house): The battery ran the essential loads (as it does when the power is off) The generator did not charge the battery The generator ran the non-essential loads (as it used to, however it used to run the entire house before) So somehow, it looks like the generator is only connected to the non-essential load db box now only. Not ideal, as I would prefer to be able to kill 2 birds with 1 stone and be able to run the house and charge the batteries on the gen feed. Does anyone perhaps have any idea on how to overcome this? Tx, Ryan
  3. Hi everyone I installed a Goodwe ES 4.6 inverter with 1 x Pylontech US3000 battery a couple months ago and it has been working flawlessly since then. It replaced by old AVR 5.5KVA petrol generator which I used to have connected to the main db board via a crossover switch. My question is - in the event of an extended power outage that exceeds the length that the battery can supply, am I able to provide grid replacement power to this inverter via the generator. The generator is connected to the house with a crossover switch. In the event of a grid failure, I used to switch from grid to generator. I am therefore wondering if the same system would apply as I have heard conflicting information. Please note, I do not want to plug the gnerator into the inverter (as you can with the Deye), I just want to substitute grid power with generator power via the crossover switch. If so, assume this will then run the house and charge the batteries with any spare capacity? Lastly, my inverter charges the battery at approx 750w/hour - is that correct for my setup? Tx, Ryan
  4. Thank you everyone. I managed to get hold of a Goodwe ES 4.6kw inverter.
  5. Thank you for all the replies everyone. My daily max essential power consumption is approx 750w for day and up to 1100w for night so the 1700w of the US3000 will be ample for the foreseeable future. I had planned to move more items over from non-essential to essential as the system grew, hence why opting for the 4.6kw inverter, but will hold off on that for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately whilst I appreciate the Victron brand, I find it a bit out of my price range when you take into account the total requirement of inverter, controller and eventual charge controller. One other requirement which would be nice to have and to be able to cater for now, would be the ability to feed back to the grid eventually when I install panels. I have had the following 2 inverters recommended to me: Axpert VMIII 5kw - R13800 Mecer King 5kw - R15525 Unfortunately, can't seem to find the Growatt 5kw hybrid in stock anywhere. For a bit extra, the Sunsynk/Deye 5kw looks appealing, but is a bit more that what my budget permits at the moment. Tx
  6. Hi everyone I spent the last 6 or so months speccing a hybrid system to assist with loadshedding/power failures/cable theft etc. I measured all my appliance loads, monitored my consumption for a month with a wireless logger, split my db into essential/non-essential and after all the research was done, I settled on the following system, to be rolled out over the space of up to 12 months: Goodwe ES 4.6 hybrid inverter Pylontech US3000 batteries (up to 3) 10 x Art Solar 410w panels I purchased 1 x US3000 battery and then the world fell to pieces with the Covid outbreak. As a result, i find myself sitting with an unused battery (still in the box) and a significantly reduced budget. For now, I will look to just install an inverter so that I can have backup with the one battery for loadshedding. Solar can come later when budget permits. I would appreciate it if I could have some suggestions for a quality, inexpensive hybrid inverter in the 4 - 5kw range. Max budget would most likely be approx R15k. I understand that pickings may be slim but I thought I would see what options are out there. Tx, Ryan
  7. I have managed to locate a battery so no longer require. Tx
  8. Hi I am looking for 1 x new battery. If you have, or know who may have stock, please advise. I can also be contacted on 0848500231. I reside in Gillitts, KZN. Tx, Ryan
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