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  1. I am doing my first install and basically want it setup as per Victron ESS system. it will run on battery / PV expect if it gets to 20% SOC. i have looked at the seetings and manuals but i am a bit puzzled . Can anyone help me ?
  2. I am looking for lights fittings with built in batteries that can charge of the existing wiring and then stay on a few hrs during load shedding. Any one sourced anything thats ok quality ?
  3. My client wants to monitor whats going on on hes other phases consumption wise as he lives abroad. at the moment he has a 10 Kva victron system on hes 1 phase that carries most of the house. Will this complicate or confuse the ESS system or will he be able to see hes consumption total and peak records on the VRM portal for each phase ?
  4. Its a flat concrete roof but the client is being difficult about weight on it although personally i think it will be fine. Something like in the link will just clinch the deal easier.
  5. https://www.ironridge.com/components/flat-roof-attachment/ Anyone used anything like this before i have a site where weight might be a problem.
  6. please can you also send me the number for the water balasts ?
  7. I have done a lot of low voltage systems with 48V Mppts, and last HV system was at least 6 years ago. I am prop going for a 15Kw 3 phase fronious to have compatibility with Victron later when the client ads storage. My question is what disconnect to you add on the roof and at the invertor and what protection do you add ? I am busy reading nersa and sans docs and putting at all together, maybe the people with more experience can help me ?
  8. i am replacing a clients older 250 watt PV panels with new 350 watt REC. (24 in total) and i bought these of him to start my own system. what would be the best way to start my own on a budget. I have 3 phase 40 amps per phase and will prop only use it on my one phase as i am downgrading to single phase very soon anyway. My idea was a gridd tied invertor for now thats close as possible to 6000 watts and thats compatible with Victron for future going more off gridd. Any ideas will be welcome.
  9. Hi no Pm yet i have checked all the obvious ones, my meter is updating battery has coms from bms etc.
  10. Since this morning my one install is only charging batteries from PV and not any loads ,loads is stuck on grid feed . i have a gridd meter installed. its swopping between pass-through and absorbtion. Can any one help with this ? 12 x 350 watt REC 1 x multipluss 2 5 KVA 10/7 freedom won 150/100 mppt.
  11. wonder if we will get this in SA.
  12. What is the feeling about running ac shielded cable(Surfix), in teh same trunking as DC cables.
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