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Geyserwise losing time


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I have a Geyserwise TSE on my electric geyser.  It is about 8 months old. It has lately started showing some funny times. After I had it on holiday mode the other day, the time showed 46:27 when I turned it back on. And this morning at 08:12 its time was showing as 05:23, even though it was not turned off or on holiday mode through the night.


Before this it was keeping time quite well, even during power outages.


Does anyone know whether the Geyserwise has a replacable battery to enable it to keep time when the power is off? Or should I just return it as it is still under warranty?

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1 hour ago, FixAMess said:

Thank you, was it difficult to open, mine is stuck to the wall..

It was quite easy. You don't need to remove it from the wall. There are 2 screws on the front, hidden behind plastic plugs. I removed the plugs with sticky tape, and opened up the front part of the enclosure. Then the circuit board is attached to the rear part of the enclosure with 4 screws. The cable can be unplugged from the circuit board. The battery was a very tight fit to get out and in. I suspect that the battery holder that is attached to the circuit board might have been designed for a CR1220 instead of a CR1225. The only difference is that the CR1220 is 2mm thick while the CR1225 is 2.5mm thick. I got a CR1225 from Builders Warehouse for R30. Makro and Chamberlain only had CR1220's.


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