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Victron Multiplus2 Error #11


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Can some please help me with the following.

Ive installed an Victron MultiplusII 3000va. With an smartsolar 250/70, and Raspberry Venus. every thing is the firmware is u to date. Ive been useing it for 2 weeks, with ESS. works like a charm. 

Today we had a poweroutage for about 30 minutes. After the grid came on agian, the Multiplus dont want to switch back to grid. It would do the test with the relays(click click sound), then it would trip. The "bulk" and "Inverter on" would flash one after the other, bulk, invertor,bulk invertor, And the float light will stay on. 

The Unit works 100% on invertor only, but dont want to switch to grid. 

The error i get in Notifications is: #11 Grid Relay test Fault. If i open the error i get this: Phase L1, device 1 (0) #29 0x800305

Ive tried with load, no load, disconnect AC1. But with no luck.


Can anybody maby share more light on this on how to solve this. 




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