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Dyness - High Voltage Warnings


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Hey all ... 

I have the dryness 9.6 kWh battery.

I've started to get a load of high voltage warnings on the Venus. Seems to be at 52.4x volts.

According to the specs the operational limit for the bat is 54 volts.

I've also noticed that I never get to 100% charge. Its always between 97-98 %

Temp on the batt has not gone over 33 deg.

Batt gets cycled every day. I normally keep about 80 % charge.

These are my settings:

  • Battery type = Lithium
  • Charge Curve = Fixed
  • Bulk Voltage: 53.5
  • Float Voltage: 51v
  • Sustain Voltage: 49v
  • Absorption Voltage: 52v
  • Absorption Time: 1hr
  • Cut off Voltage: 46v
  • DC Input low shutdown: 44v
  • DC Input low restart: 48v
  • DC Input low pre-alarm: 48v
  • Dynamic Cut Off Values: 46v (all options)
  • Restart off-set: 1.2v

Any help / pointers / things to check would be most welcome.


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